Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mischief - Part 9

Malora walks into the dining hall whilst the feast was already in progress. She could see the King sitting in the middle of the u-shaped table talking to the guests by his side. In quite an animated manner as well which causes Mal to giggle.

The music still carried on playing. The people continued to dance. And the echolalia in the room was as deafening as expected. Contrary to popular belief, time did not stop when Mal walked into the hall.

As she was scanning the room, looking for her silent conspirator, she felt a tap on her shoulder, which causes her body to be covered in goosebumps. Before she turned around, she already had an idea of who it was.

"May I have this dance?" Prince Arizel asks her with a smile on his face.

As much as she wanted to tell him to go jump in a pile of shit, she smiles sweetly in return and graciously accepted.

He placed his left hand on her waist and takes her other in his hand. They moved together in what could be akin to a fast waltz of today. Surrounded by swirls of silk and polished leather gliding across the floor.

"So how do you like it here, mi Lady?"

"I think that this is a charming kingdom with really lovely people but you must know that. I mean, having lived here all your life I imagine."

He smirks, "I guess you could say that. Still, with such a small kingdom, one tires of the people around here quickly. Same faces and all."

Mal laughs, "Surely, there is comfort in the familiar, Prince Arizel?"

"There is comfort indeed but what I'm seeking... is excitement," he replies with a sly look. She can feel his hand slowly sliding downwards.

Just at that moment, the other prince stepped in, "Hello, mind if I cut in?"

Arizel's face clearly displayed how annoyed he really was but he stepped aside, "Why of course cousin. She is yours after all."

"I am no one's! You pervy prince" Mal thought to herself.

As soon as Arizel left and they were dancing once again, Mal smiled at Riverqo, "Thanks for coming to the rescue..."

His hand is firm but gentle as he places it carefully around her waist. As if she were a treasure that he was protecting.

"I would've stepped in earlier but I didn't want to trigger any sot of gossip", he replies jokingly.

"Ah yes, I forgot that the royal court is plagued which such things".

He looks into her eyes as they circle around the room, "You look magnificent"

She did her best not to blush but a smile did form upon her lips.

"Thank you Rivie. How kind of you to say that."

He pulls her in closer as they dance, "It has nothing do with kindness. I was merely telling you the truth."

It was then that the band finishes the song and so they too halted their dancing. They slowly break away from each other. Him looking at her intently. She pretending not to notice.

"I'm going to go outside for a walk. Get some air," Mal informs him.

He offers her his arm, "We'll go together. I could use some fresh air as well."

She knew that he meant what he said and accepted. Knowing that he wouldn't leave her alone anyway.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Mischief - Part 8

Mal looks at Riverqo and bursts out laughing, "Hahaha! You're kidding me right? Do you use that line all the other girls or just the really special ones?"

A genuine look of hurt becomes visible on the young prince's face, "You think that I say that to just anyone?"

"You don't think I know what they say about you? How you go around flirting with all the maidens? Please Rivie... I'm nothing like them."

He looks at her earnestly, "I know you're not. So what makes you think that I'd say something like this to them?"

Just then there was a rustle from the bushes, "Shhhh, hush..." she says to him. Mal immediately takes out an arrow and gets into position, "Who's there?" Riverqo places his hand on his sword as well poised for anything that may come out.

What steps out from behind the bushes is a lean figure. Dressed all in brown. The face covered with a hood that gives just enough shadow for only lips to be seen and right now, these lips were curved upward in a smile.

"If you come any closer, I will put this arrow right through your heart and another through your manhood, just for fun" Mal says aloud, hoping that this was enough warning for the bandit.

The smile on the hooded figure becomes wider but before anything can happen, shouting is heard from the distance, "Prince Riverqo! Lady Malora!". For some reason, this causes alarm to the hooded figure who takes one last look at Mal before making a fox-like exit.

"Why didn't you shoot them?" Riverqo asks her softly.

She wipes away the sweat on her nose, "Because when I can, I try not to kill unnecessarily."

Brutus and the rest of the knights emerge and asks if they are okay as they heard shouting from where they were. When the duo convinced the rest of the party that they were completely fine, they all made their way back to the castle. After all, that night there was to be a massive feast and dance in honour of the return of the prince.


"My goodness, how on earth do these ladies do anything in these outfits?" Mal asked the young maiden known as Kirana, who was helping her to get dressed.

"Don't they wear this sort of fashion where you're from, Mi Lady?"

"Heavens no. It's far easier to breathe in what we usually wear."

Still, Mal couldn't help looking at herself. At the transformation in the mirror.

Just a few days ago, she was wearing her usual outfit of black pants and grey blouse. Today she was wearing a simple emerald green silk dress that was adorned with white lace and pearls.

Pearls were what the kingdom was known for in trade. Usually still so fresh from the sea that the scent of the ocean still lingered on them.

After much 'discussion' with Kirana, part of her glorious blue green hair was tied up into a sophisticated up do while the rest was curled and framed her face.

She looked for one final time at her reflection, "Well, this is probably as good as it's going to get..."

Monday, 29 September 2014

Mischief - Part 7

The next day, over breakfast, the King was in a glorious mood as he was going hunting that day.

"Perhaps I shall catch a fine wild boar today," he exclaimed with joy like a child on Christmas morning.

Mal turns to him from her seat and smiles sweetly, "I'm sure your Majesty is quite talented when it comes to the hunt. Might I be so bold as to request the privilege of accompanying you on your trip, Sire?"

He looks at her with astonishment written across his jolly old face,"Oh, Lady Malora, are you trained in the ways of hunting?"

If she's gonna be playing a part, she might as well make it an interesting one.

"Quite a few of the ladies from Ermosta are skilled at hunting. My father wanted a son and he got me instead. He never mentioned wanting a son again after training me."

"Well, you're a spirited young thing aren't you?" King Ashtar replies, "Of course, you may come with us my dear. I look forward to seeing how well you hunt."

Mal laughs and notices Riverqo's questioning look in her direction.

He didn't expect her to just sit in the castle all the time did he?


The arrow whizzes past the trees and hits the boar right in his sides. This causes it to land on the floor with a thud. Birds start flying off in whatever direction they could think of.

King Ashtar claps his hands, "My, my, you are indeed a fine hunter, Lady Malora."

She smiles in a pleasant manner as she gets off her horse, "Still not as good as you though I imagine, your Highness."

She takes out the arrow from the boar and puts it back into her case, still covered in blood and all.

"Shall we take a break at the lake nearby father?" Prince Riverqo pipes up.

"An excellent idea, my son."

Shortly, they found themselves all set up near the lake. Malora excuses herself to clean off her arrows. As she is looking at her reflection in the water, she can't help but think of what was going on and what she was actually doing. How long could this charade keep going on for? What would happen when they all find out the truth?

She hears footsteps approaching and immediately loads her bow in preparation.

"Who's there? If you mean to hurt me, I will shoot you," she told the approaching person.

"Calm down Mal, it's just me," Prince Riverqo exclaims as he emerges from the bushes.

"What do you want?" She asks him as she stands up properly from the ground.

He walks up closer to her, "I just wanted to make sure that you were alright."

"I can take care of myself, Rivie. You know that."

"I do, of course," he replies and moves even closer to her. So close that she can easily examine the intense grey irises staring back at her.

He brushes a strand of hair away from her face, "I'm just concerned about you."

Friday, 26 September 2014

Mischief - Part 6


Mal was starting to get nervous now. This is not an ideal situation. Of course she could easily just knock him out but then this doofus would probably ask for her head. Oh, also her cover would be blown, of course.

She looks at Prince Arizel, "But I must, why a lady cannot break a promise after all."

He pins her to the wall and she just takes it, knowing that any sign of defiance would be enough to arouse suspicion. The young royal then lowers his face to hers, "My dear cousin would understand if you were a bit..."

He brushes his fingers against her cheek seductively and finishes his sentence with a smug look on his face, "Occupied."

As Mal tried to figure out her next move, she hears her name being called out, "Mal! Are you here Mal?" She had never been so relieved to hear her name.

"I'm here, Prince Riverqo!" she shouts out quickly before Arizel could keep her quiet.

Riverqo stumbles upon the two of them and still sees Mal being pinned to the wall by Arizel. He raises an eyebrow and looks at his cousin, "Not trying to play around with my beloved are you now cousin?"

Arizel backs away from Mal and chuckles, "Is she yours now Riverqo? I wasn't aware of that. My apologies." Riverqo looks at Mal and walks up right to him, "I think the one you should apologise properly to is Mal."

Clearly not satisfied with the way things have turned out, the arrogant prince bows before Mal, "My apologies, Mi Lady. I was not aware that you were spoken for."

Mal slips back into her regular mode and smiles at the bastard, "An honest mistake, your lordship."

And with that Prince Arizel walks away. Leaving Mal and Riverqo on their own.

Mal lets out a sigh of relief as she looks at Riverqo,"You saved me just then. Thanks."

Without warning, he grabs her hands, which causes her to jump in surprise. "WHAT THE --"

He holds her hands in his and looks at her seriously but with a gentle tenderness, "Your hands are still trembling. I'm sorry. I should have warned you about Arizel. He is quite notorious for taking maidens as he wishes."

She looks down at her own hands and realises that he is indeed right. She was still trembling, which she didn't think she did.

"I couldn't blow my cover. I didn't know what to do." She tells him with an honesty that surprised even herself. And she looks at him straight in the eyes as she says this.

He smiles at her in a charming way, "I won't leave you alone from now on Mal. Don't worry. I'll make sure you're okay."

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mischief - Part 5

Prince Riverqo walks out into the flower garden and he finds Mal there. Sitting on a marbled bench, gazing out into the distance, as if she were contemplating something... or daydreaming. 

He walks over and sits next to her. They remain in silence for a few moments before he says, "So when exactly am I suppose to announce our engagement again, dearest?"

She laughs, "Not for another week or so. I mean, we have to make this believable don't we?"

"Well, your act is quite convincing. Are you sure that you're not an actual duchess?"

She raises an eyebrow, "Positive."

They remain in silence once more.

"Don't you get bored of this life, Rivie?"

"Everyday. Which is why I go beyond the palace walls."

"How dull it must be... To be a high class lady... No adventure, no freedom, wearing these, urghhh, god awful dresses."

He turns to her and flashes another one of his charming smiles, "I think you look quite lovely in this one."

And she blushes slightly. The young girl didn't even know that she could do such a thing! She turns her face away, not wanting to show him how vulnerable she could be. She did not want to be known as weak... Never again...

She stands up, looks at him right in the eye and says, "You don't have to charm me Rivie... We're already getting engaged anyway."

And then she quickly walks away, leaving him to just stare at the back of her gown.


Mal taps against the walls and listens intently for an internal sort of echoing. She had picked up this skill from an old friend long ago. It still proves to be a handy bit of knowledge when she's looking to make a quick escape. Her small stature made it quite easy too.

She still couldn't quite figure out what it was she looking for exactly....

Her hand was already getting numb from the repetitive movement when suddenly she heard the familiar sound that she was searching for. She wipes away the layer of dust from a particular brick to see a symbol staring back at her. A sort of upside down heart with an X in the middle. 

She leans her head against the symbol as she tries to remember where she's seen this before. Was it from her childhood? Had this been coded to her in some way before?

As a million thoughts and memories race through her head, she could hear footsteps approaching. Quickly she notes down the location of the symbol, wipes away the dust from her forehead and walks away from the location, putting on the best 'I'm lost' face that she could muster.

"Well, well, what do we have here? A lost little lamb?", a voice erupts a few feet away from her.

Mal looks up to see an unfamiliar figure. Blue eyes, jet black hair and a face that girls in the kingdom would swoon over. She did not like the looks of him. He gave the impression of being a slippery eel.

Still, she curtsies and addresses him appropriately, "My apologies good sir, I have no idea as to who you are but I am indeed just a tad lost in this massive castle."

He moves closer to her and traces his fingers down her bare arm, which on the inside causes her to shiver and hurl at the same time. 

"My name is Prince Arizel. I'm Prince Riverqo's cousin," he responds as he smiles at her suggestively.

The seriousness of the situation finally dawns on Mal.

"Lovely to meet you, Prince Arizel. I really should go. Prince Riverqo is expecting me," she replies with a hopefully, convincing lie and is about to walk away when he grabs her by the arm forcefully.

"Ah, you're not going anywhere..."

Monday, 23 June 2014

Mischief - Chapter 4

"Welcome back, my lord! We're so glad that you're safe," exclaims a short, round and boy-ish old man, who seemed to be wearing a uniform of some kind.

Riverqo smiles cheerfully, "No need for worries, Wordsworth. I just had a bit of trouble but it's all well now."

Wordsworth thows his hands up in the air in a dramatic manner that only thespians would use, "When Brutus came back without you, why, I almost had a heart attack!"

Mal tries his best to contain her laughter at the comical and stout man, as she stands by Riverqo's side.

He finally notices the now decently dressed Mal and raises an eyebrow at her, "And who is this with you, your highness?"

Mal curtsies like a proper lady, "I was rescued by Prince Riverqo. It's a miracle that I'm still alive. Those bandits never stood a chance against his skills..."

She says all this while looking at him with the most affectionate look that a woman could ever give a man... And yet, you could tell that she was teasing him. Just as a squirrel would tease you from up in a tree.


Of course, soon after that, word got around about Prince Riverqo's daring feat of rescue and Malora was welcomed into the castle with open arms.

Inside this castle, she was no longer Malora, the hunted. Here, she would be regarded as Malora, the young duchess from the far of country of Ermosta. 

No one doubted her status as she was approved by the King himself. She was playing the part perfectly. The epitome of a charming socialite.

This made Prince Riverqo even more curious. How did a supposed thief and murderer come to play the part so well? How did she know the ways of high society?


That night as Mal laid in bed combing her hair, the moon was out in its full glory. The white light softly made its home on her red bedding...

She didn't notice any of this. She has to think of her next move. It wouldn't be long till people started getting suspicious. The charade couldn't last forever. 

She looks at the small silver key that is attached to her bracelet and sighs. 

"I hope you have the answers I need..."

Friday, 20 June 2014

Mischief - Part 3

Mal can tell that Prince Riverqo is confused. No one has called him that in ages.

"Wait, Rivie? Do I know you?" he asks. In case you weren't paying attention, she still has the dagger to his throat.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who can say for sure?"

She lets him go and stashes the dagger away. He turns around and looks at her. Properly this time. Studying her face and her being. Trying to figure out, if he did actually know she was...

"Best not keep looking to hard, Rivie. You may just fall in love with me...", she says teasingly as she slowly keeps her net away. She knows that he will not run.

"So... I guess I owe you a favour. What is it, urm...." He pauses, unsure of himself.

Mal walks up to him and and smirks, "Tis Malora, Mal for short."

"Malora... That's an interesting name."

"Ah but the interesting thing here will be the favour you grant me."

She then smiles and circles around him. He studies her and you can tell that he is intrigued. Like this is all just one mystery, waiting to be solved.

"Well, pray tell, what is it that you want then, Malora? Gowns? Money? A castle?" he asks her.

She merely shakes her head and chuckles, "A gown is useless to me, Rivie. No, what I want is something else..."

She finally stops in front of him, grabs him by his very expensive silk collar and you can see that her eyes are glistening. He is awestruck by them for a second before her next words almost give Prince Riverqo a heart attack.

"Make me your bride..."